Early detection of cancer.

AlphaLiquid® Detect

AlphaLiquid® Detect is an industry-first tumor-informed, hybrid-capture NGS-based liquid biopsy test designed for MRD detection and recurrence monitoring in stage I-III solid tumor patients. The assay incorporates a personalized panel of up to 1,000 targets, including both tumor-informed patient-specific markers as well as additional therapeutic targets.

By delivering exceptional detection levels (<0.005% LOD), AlphaLiquid® Detect provides clinically actionable information for relapse monitoring and adjuvant therapy guidance with a significant lead time over conventional imaging diagnostics.

Assay Type Tumor tissue sequencing
Targeted hybrid capture NGS based on proprietary HQS™ technology
Sample Requirement Tissue : FFPE (10μm x 10 sections) or FF
Blood : >20mL of whole blood
Targets Customized panel of up to 1,000 targets
Detected Alterations SNVs and Indels
Limit of Detection 0.005% ~ 0.0005% ctDNA fraction

AlphaLiquid® Detect Test Process

1. Sequencing of tumor tissue and matched whole blood (optional)

2. Design of bespoke panel including patient-specific biomarkers from tissue analysis and additional therapeutic targets of choice

3. Longitudinal surveillance through serial liquid biopsy testing based on ultradeep targeted hybridization capture NGS to detect
presence of ctDNA