Early detection of cancer.


In My Blood diagnostics

We detect and analyze genomic profile of tumor DNA with a single draw of blood. With this comprehensive profile, we provide personalized and optimized analysis information that can be utilized in therapy selection and monitoring. Ultimately, we strive to offer our patients and healthcare professionals a powerful platform for conquering cancer through revolutionizing the way cancer is detected, monitored, and viewed.

Our advanced molecular diagnostic technology enables accurate analysis of genomic alterations in cancer-related genes through optimized laboratory and bioinformatic pipeline. We use sophisticated analysis methods incorporating Artificial Intelligence technology to analyze clinical Big Data to predict cancer prognosis and treatment response. Our continued focus is on developing and improving technologies to better understand cancer.

We are committed to helping patients and physicians across the world fight against cancer, with our unique technology and expertise using liquid biopsy.


Fast-Tracked Commercial Development driven by Symbiotic Expertise in Clinical Practice, Biochemistry, and Bioinformatics

  • 2022

    Global Business Expansion and Release of MRD Detection Platform

    • • Accelerated clinical adoption of AlphaLiquid® 100
    • • International companion diagnostics partnership
         with AstraZeneca
    • • Expansion into EU/South America/Southeast
         Asia/Middle East
    • • Launch of AlphaLiquid® 100 (tissue biopsy test)
    • • Launch of AlphaLiquid® Detect RUO
    • • Analytical validation for AlphaLiquid® Screening
    • • CAP accreditation
  • 2021

    Technology Commercialization

    • • Launched AlphaLiquid® 100 in Korea and Taiwan
    • • Companion diagnostics partnership with Korean and European biopharmas
    • • Launched clinical study for AlphaLiquid® Detect
    • • Continued development of AlphaLiquid® Screening Series B investment
  • 2020

    Technical Advancement and Portfolio Expansion

    • • Completed development of AlphaLiquid® 100
    • • Started development of AlphaLiquid® Detect and
         AlphaLiquid® Screening
    • • Series A investment
  • 2018 ~ 2019

    Company Established

    • • Incorporated based on NGS-based technologies co-developed by Dr. Tae-You Kim and Dr. Duhee Bang in 2014-17
    • • Transfer of key technologies from Yonsei University
    • • Pre-Series A investment

The #1 Liquid Biopsy Platform Provider in Korea

The most widely adopted liquid biopsy platform in Korea across 31 major hospital with nationwide coverage.

With our commitment to deliver the most reliable services and highest satisfaction for our clients, IMBdx holds various domestic and international certifications that ensure rigorous lab management, quality assays and consistent test results.

  • The College of American Pathologists(CAP) is an evaluation system that has been in place since 1961, and it is one of the most prestigious laboratory accreditation organizations in the world, composed of diagnostic medical and pathological doctors, serving as a quality management program for laboratories in the United States. It is an accreditation program that assesses and evaluates whether the highest level of quality control is being achieved in all aspects of clinical testing provided to patients. As of 2022, CAP accreditation has been obtained by approximately 8,000 laboratories worldwide, and CAP is considered as the "Gold Standard" for laboratory quality management. By obtaining CAP accreditation in 2023, our laboratory has once again confirmed its status as a laboratory of the highest international standards.

  • GMP certification to ensure that our quality management system applies to the entire process of design, development, production, and post-marketing, such that our products and services are safe, effective, and suitable for their intended use.

  • ISO 13485 certification ensures the production of safe and quality products in order to comply with the various quality management requirements for medical devices.

  • AlphaLiquidⓇ 100 complies with the European In Vitro Diagnostic Directive (98/79/EC) and obtained the CE mark for sales in the European market.

  • Molecular genetic testing services provided by IMBdx have been verified by the Korean Institute of Genetic Testing and Evaluation for reliability and accuracy.