Early detection of cancer.

AlphaLiquid® Screening

AlphaLiquid® Screening is a blood-based test for early detection of multiple cancers. With 10mL of blood, the test analyzes genetic and epigenetic features in cfDNA to screen for signals of cancer as well as predict the tissue of origin.

  • Screening for Cancer through a Blood Test

  • Tissue of Origin Prediction

  • · Early detection of multiple types of cancer with one simple blood test
    · Convenient screening solution for both asymptomatic and high-risk individuals that can be incorporated into routine medical checkups.
    · Accurate prediction of the tissue of origin of the cancer signal to guide further clinical action

AlphaLiquid® Screening Test Process

  • 01

    Blood Collection

    • cfDNA isolation from blood collected during routine health checkup (10mL)
  • 02

    Early Detection

    • Multi-modal analysis of methylation patterns and genetic characteristics in cfDNA to detect signals of multiple types of cancer.
  • 03

    Tissue of Origin Prediction

    • If a cancer signal is detected, the test will further determine where in the body the cancer is coming from with high accuracy to guide further clinical action